Global Fiduciary Governance LLC

Rapidly changing government regulations, compliance challenges, corporate governance matters, and increasing demands from shareholders are some of the obstacles facing executives in all sectors of the twenty-first century international marketplace. CEO’s, CFO’s, or CIO’s shouldn’t have to pay for the same recycled counseling. Leaders require inventive, diligent, and personalized consulting services.

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The mission of Global Fiduciary Governance LLC is to provide unique management based consulting that focus on the benefits of corporate governance, operational controls, business ethics, and implementation of best practice procedures for fiduciaries charged with legal obligations and responsibilities under federal and state legislation.

Specifically, Global Fiduciary Governance LLC employs patented Fiduciary Audit® technology to help identify defects in operational controls and compliance procedures for executive leadership of Fortune 1000 companies, hedge funds, risk managers, compliance officers and start up financial entities. The Fiduciary Audit® Annual Report preemptively identifies potential gaps in Dodd-Frank fiduciary requirements, securities compliance, mandatory federal, state and compliance requirements and provides essential risk management solutions, operational controls and best practice opinions for clients.

In addition, Global Fiduciary Governance LLC offers in-house ethics and virtuous business training from one of the leading business ethics practitioners in the world, Theodore Roosevelt Malloch. Malloch advises companies on the virtuous business matrix, appropriate risk management structures, and conducts personalized, in-house ethics and virtuous business training for fiduciaries and executives.

Global Fiduciary Governance LLC also consults Fortune 1000 executives on selection of superior “independent” Board of Directors for placement on Compensation Committees, and Board of Director advisory groups. The company maintains a large database of qualified candidates with diverse and pertinent executive experience and expertise across industry sectors.

Global Fiduciary Governance LLC assumes the capabilities, products, and consulting services of The Global Fiduciary Governance LLC. For twenty years, the Global Fiduciary Governance LLC has helped clients meet or exceed their objectives by offering proactive, unbiased advice, due diligence, strategic advice, and thought leadership services to Fortune 1000 corporate clients, private clients at the C-level, ultra high net worth individuals, foundations, endowments and various family offices. Global Fiduciary Governance LLC will continue offering these services and those detailed above.

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