Theodore Roosevelt Malloch, Ph.D.

Theodore Roosevelt MallochTheodore Roosevelt Malloch, is Chairman and CEO of Roosevelt Global Fiduciary Governance LLC, a leading strategy thought leadership company. Ted Malloch conceptualizes and executes some of today’s most dynamic international projects. He was President of the 1992 World Economic Development Congress sponsored by CNN, “the common frame of reference for the world’s power elite.” That Congress focused on “Building the Integrated Global Economy” and offered Chief Executive Officers, Ministers of Governments, planning, marketing, investment, and economic leaders worldwide a forum where new business relationships were established. At that Congress Lady Margaret Thatcher dubbed him, “a global sherpa”.

Dr. Malloch is a pioneer of the global market, who works exclusively with CEO’s, business and government leaders who need to conceptualize projects on a global scale, who require access at the very highest levels, and who demand “real-time” information to understand and manage rapidly changing markets, government transformations, emerging trading blocs, and critical relationships.

Some of Dr. Malloch’s other projects have included: The founding of “The CEO Learning Partnership” for a big six accounting firm; The fashioning of the Fortune 500 Forum for Fortune Magazine; Bringing together the largest US. companies for exclusive CEO discussions; Managing the development of UN EDIFACT, the new rules and standards for global paperless trading; Creating one of the largest selling stamps in international history, to commemorate the environment and endangered species; Bringing about one of the largest mergers of two international consulting and software firms; Planning and consulting with scores of governments on privatization programs and debt for equity deals, involving billions of dollars of assets.

Dr. Malloch has served on the executive board of the World Economic Forum, which hosts the renown Davos meeting in Switzerland. He has held an ambassadorial level position in the United Nations; he headed consulting at Wharton-Chase Econometrics; has worked in capital markets at Salomon Brothers; and served in senior policy positions in the U.S. Senate Committee on Foreign Relations and in the U.S. State Department. Dr. Malloch earned his Ph.D. in international political economy from the University of Toronto and has authored numerous books, articles, and corporate reports. He also serves on numerous corporate, not-for-profit and religious boards and international and governmental advisory bodies.

In 2005 Malloch founded and Chairs the Spiritual Enterprise Institute. He was a Research Professor at Yale University, a Professor and co-Director of the Director’s Forum at Henley Business School, and Senior Fellow at Said Business School, University of Oxford. His many books include: Trade and Development Policy; Beyond Reductionism, Unleashing the Power of Perpetual Learning, The Global Century, with Scott Massey, Renewing American Culture: The Pursuit of Happiness, Being Generous, Thrift: Rebirth of a forgotten Virtue, and the classic best selling Spiritual Enterprise, Doing Virtuous Business, Practical Wisdom in Management, Service Leadership and Common Sense Business. yale_university

Theodore Roosevelt Malloch

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