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Delaware quickly profit is clearly supplying one hour advance loan cash advance in earnings revenue.

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Spiritual Enterprise: Doing Virtuous Business

imgAfter years of booming business and unbelievable wealth creation, the economy has slowed, stunned by a mortgage crisis that has only reinforced the notion of big businesses as insatiable masters of the universe with little regard for the public. The critics of capitalism have emerged from every corner to harangue those who create wealth with charges of greed, thievery, and malice.

Theodore Roosevelt Malloch answers these charges head-on. In Spiritual Enterprise, he explores the opportunity of doing virtuous business – a concept that has been disappearing from our public consciousness. Malloch argues that the creation of wealth by virtuous means is the most important thing we can do for ourselves and for the world at large. But more than simply explain why free enterprise makes the world a better place, Malloch documents how virtuous business models have made many of the brightest companies in America more successful than ever.

Spiritual Enterprise rehabilitates the idea of big business as a force for good in society and offers a sensible guide for realizing this ideal. As antiglobalization and anticorporate tides are rising, Malloch’s books is both a much-needed defense of free enterprise and a vital call for better business.

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Being Generous


Through the ages, the world’s cultures and great religions have in profound, though different, ways sought to answer the big question: How should we live? Part of the answer has to do with how we ought to treat others, particularly those who are most in need. Ample evidence suggests that giving selflessly to others lies at the heart of what it means to be a thoughtful and moral human being. In Being Generous, author Theodore Roosevelt Malloch leads an exploration of this important concept of generous giving.

He begins by examining how generosity fits into the various spiritual traditions, philosophical schools, and economic systems. Further chapters illustrate how generosity need not necessarily always be about money, showing instead how it might also involve the sharing of time and talent. Elsewhere, Malloch explores the science behind generosity, looking, for example, at the relationship between various chemicals in the brain and generous behavior. Beyond the theory and the science of generosity, readers will also find a wealth of inspiration in a collection of personality profiles of past and present icons of generosity.

Being Generous concludes with a practical action plan that lays out concrete steps that can guide readers toward lives of greater giving.

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